Image: Robbie Williams (Facebook)

Robbie Williams Announces Second Show At Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena

To celebrate the filming of the movie biopic, Better Man, Frontier Touring previously announced An Evening with Robbie Williams at Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena. Now, due to overwhelming demand, a second show has been added.

Williams will perform at Rod Laver Arena on Sunday, 1st May, following a sold out performance at the same venue the evening previous. Tickets for the new show go on sale today (12th April) at 2pm local time. Williams released a statement regarding the first show: “I couldn’t be more excited to be staging this very special, exclusive, never-to-be-repeated night in Melbourne in April.”

Williams is in Melbourne for the filming of Better Man. Michael Gracey is directing the film. Gracey’s previous directorial credits include the Hugh Jackman hit, The Greatest Showman. Production of the film is being subsidised by Film Victoria’s screen incentive program. “I’m so excited I am making this movie in Victoria with my friend Michael Gracey,” Williams in a statement last December.

In a curious twist, various outlets have reported that Williams will be portrayed in the film by a CGI monkey. Gracey explained his rationale in an interview with Deadline. “I want to do this in a really original way,” he said. “I remember going to the cinema as a kid and there were films that blew me away and made me say as I sat there in the cinema, ‘I’ve never seen this before.’ I just want the audience to have that feeling.”

He added, “It’s so important when they watch this story, and look at the screen, that they literally think, ‘I’ve never seen this before.'”

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