Rumours Suggest Falling In Reverse Frontman Cancelled Tour, Fired Band And Took Money For Himself

When Falling In Reverse first announced they would be cancelling the remaining 12 shows of their 2013 North American tour, it was said that frontman Ronnie Radke was needed by his wife’s side as she gave birth but an inside source has claimed otherwise, suggesting once again Radke has done something illogical and egotistical. “Inside source” – yeah, we’re treading carefully with this one.

Speaking to Pup Fresh, the source explained that after a string of text messages with an unnamed member of the band, it was discovered that, because of poor ticket sales, tinged with a general lack of interest in the forthcoming album, Radke kind of lost the plot and “walked out on the band”.

Addressing the initial reason the band gave to fans – that the vocalist was expecting his first child with wife Crissy, the insider said, “It was never about Crissy and him having a kid”

Once communication lines were open, it looks as though the band member opened the floodgates, also confirming that all the profit from the forthcoming album Fashionably Late would be going solely to Radke, much like profits from merch sales and touring.

Apparently Radke will still perform his Warped Tour dates, but with different members. Though surely by now, respectable musicians would want to avoid getting their fingerprints on this train wreck.

Here’s where the plot thickens. Radke’s wife has attacked the publication for posting the unconfirmed news and, when they named and called upon their source as their finishing move, the source denounced any thing to do with it at all.

Check out some of the Twitter back and forth beneath the original statement from the source. Maybe get some popcorn first. Oh, and if you’re wondering about the other illogical and egotistical thing from Radke, look no further than his latest single.

(Via Pup Fresh)

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