Sam Smith Wrote This New Song After A Night Out At A Sydney Gay Nightclub

Sam Smith has revealed the most emotional song on his forthcoming album The Thrill Of It All was written following a night out at a Sydney gay club.

The loud-and-proud crooner opened up about the yet-to-be-released tune ‘Him’, which from the sounds of things is guaranteed to make us all ugly-cry en masse.

The heartfelt gay anthem tells the coming-out story from a boy to his father, using a gospel choir and religious themes to speak to some of the tensions that have traditionally existed between religious institutions and the LGBTQI+ community.

“Don’t you try and tell me God doesn’t care for us, it is him I love,” Smith sings in the ballad.

Opening up about the song to News Corp, Smith explains that “’Him’ is my version of a hymn”.

“It was important for me to speak about my views on that issue on this album instead of just being about love and relationships. I am a 25 year old with opinions,” he adds.

And yeah — it turns out he wrote it right here in Australia, the morning after a night out at iconic Sydney gay nightclub, Stonewall #represent

“I remember being inspired and wanting to write a song called ‘Him’ and I actually wrote it in the shower,” he explains.

“It’s just what came out of me, there was a bit of anger when I was writing those lyrics,” he confesses. “People will take different things from that song. I wouldn’t say I’m religious, I’m more of a spiritual person. I went to Catholic school all my life. There’s parts of every religion I agree with and parts of every religion I disagree with.”

The song’s imminent arrival this Friday, 3rd November (when the full LP drops) of course comes at a critical time for the Australian gay community, as the deadline for the nation to get our marriage quality postal votes in the mail approaches.

“I know things were so much tougher back in the day, but we’ve still got such a long way to go,” the Smith says of gay rights. “I still don’t feel like everything is where it should be.

“We’ll see when I start singing ‘Him’ in certain parts of the world. I hope people listen and accept, but there’s people who aren’t going to.

“I get homophobic abuse on a daily basis on social media.”

Aussie fans will hopefully be able to hear him debut the song live when he comes down under for a special one-off show in Sydney in January of 2018.

Smith has pledged to donate all the profits to charity, with a third going to the Australian marriage equality campaign.

What a legend.

We’ll update this story with the song ‘Him’ when it arrives later this week.

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