Scooter Braun Has Congratulated Taylor Swift On ‘Lover’ & Her Fans Are Pissed

Scooter Braun vs. Taylor Swift has been one of the more interesting music industry beefs of recent memory, because it placed a spotlight on the cutthroat underbelly of the music world and proved that not even the biggest artists are immune to it.

ICYMI, the extreme TL;DR version of the feud is that Swift practically declared war on Braun when he – a longstanding rival of Swift – bought out Big Machine Records, the label that owns every Taylor Swift album besides yesterday’s release Lover.

Now, Scooter Braun has worked up the bravery, some would say foolishly, to congratulate Taylor on the album publicly, ending it with a bit of a snide remark.

As expected, Swift’s fans aren’t too chuffed.

Luckily for Taylor, she’s planning to re-record her discography when contractually allowed to, which will effectively mean she can sell those and render Braun’s copies obsolete.

Watch the music video for ‘Lover’ below.

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