Seal And 360 Let Loose On Twitter In Defence Of Joel Madden After Drug Bust

Joel Madden may have appreciated “the way the NSW police handled the situation” when he was kicked out of his Sydney Star casino hotel room for being sprung with weed on Sunday, but fellow The Voice judge Seal has gotten all in a Twitter about it, ranting about the way Australia treats its international visitors.

The Kiss From A Rose singer went on a multi-post tirade today, starting off with accusing Australian media of trying to “destroy” his “Brother”, then started suggesting that he’ll leave the country if this keeps up and even going so far as to describe Delta Goodrem as “a national treasure”. He’s since deleted his attack of the cray cray, but thankfully its been screen-capped for your pleasure below.

Rapper 360 is also getting his back up (in an uncharacteristically well reasoned and cogent manner), saying he had a similar experience to Madden in the same hotel:

“That same hotel Mr Madden got busted with weed (lol) had 3 federal cops take me to my room and thought I had illegal drugs in my drawer”

The Boys Like You rapper went on to explain that they thought his prescribed medication was an illegal substance and called the hotel “seriously f%&$#d”, asking why they were going through drawers in the first place. He also called Madden “a really good dude”, putting into question exactly who’s been smoking the prohibited substance in question.

UPDATE: Old mate Ricky Martin has now weighed in on the public debate…

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