Seether Singer Says Machine Gun Kelly Doesn’t Belong At Rock Festivals

Seether frontperson Shaun Morgan is the latest long-hair to take a swipe at rapper-turned-pop punker Machine Gun Kelly.

Another day, another subplot in the somewhat tiresome back and forth between Gen X rockers and enfant terrible, Machine Gun Kelly.

So, Seether? Who’re they? Well, not to be confused with the Veruca Salt song of the same name, Seether are a bunch of white rockers from South Africa who had some mainstream success in the 2000s. The band’s biggest songs are 2004’s ‘Broken’, 2005’s ‘Remedy’ and 2007’s ‘Fake It’.

Seether remain a favourite among American audiences, particularly those with a taste for derivative post-grunge. Seriously, Morgan couldn’t sound any more like Kurt Cobain if he tried.

Anyway, back to the beef. So, Kelly was booed at the Louder Than Life festival a couple of weekends ago. It followed his onstage dismissal of Slipknot as a bunch of 50 years olds in “fucking masks.” Trivium’s Matt Heafy stood up for Slipknot, renaming Kelly “Squirt Gun Smelly.”

And now footage has emerged of Seether’s Shaun Morgan congratulating the Louder Than Life crowd for their hostile treatment of Kelly. “Fuck that idiot man,” he says.

Morgan explained his reasoning during an appearance on Loudwire Nights with host Toni Gonzalez. “I congratulated the crowd for booing that prick off the stage,” he said. “Here’s my thing: you were a rapper, you got rapped out of rapping because you got so owned by Eminem.

“I didn’t feel like you belong on a stage like that after one or two singles just because you’ve got a name and a fancy girlfriend and now you’re a big headliner at a rock festival.”

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