Shai Hulud Frontman Justin Kraus Hospitalised

Shai Hulud singer Justin Kraus has been admitted to hospital suffering from chest pains following a recent show in Trenton, NJ. Following his hospitalisation, Kraus posted a picture of himself on Shai Hulud’s Facebook page accompanied by an open letter to fans.

In the statement from Shai Hulud, the band joked that Kraus was only “mostly dead” and would rejoin his hardcore outfit on their current tour as soon as possible. In the meantime Reign Supreme vocalist Jay Pepito will fill in at least for Shai Hulud’s gig in Connecticut.

Shai Hulud are scheduled to play as part of Soundwave 2013, which gets started this Saturday, 23rd February in Brisbane. If Kraus does not recover in time, he may not be fit to take the long flight Down Under. Fingers crossed he pulls through.

Shai Hulud’s Statement:

Behold! Shai Hulud: Singer Devourer. Don’t worry, Justin’s not dead, rather, as they might say in The Princess Bride, “mostly dead.” Our brother was admitted to the emergency room with severe chest pains after our show in Trenton last night. Thank you New Jersey for helping us nearly decimate another frontperson! We owe you one.

Danbury, CT, your friendly neighborhood relentlessly unstoppable Shai Hulud is en route to tonight’s show. Justin is going to do his best to make it, meanwhile, you’ll see our pal Jay Pepito from Reign Supreme coming up to bat. Good luck destroying him.

Have fun storming the castle! Onward and upward.

Update: 19/02/2013

Shai Hulud have posted an update on the situation via Facebook, and also been revealed in the comments to that post that their previous vocalist Mike Moynihan will be fronting the band while in Australia:

“Dearest friends! Please forgive us for being out of touch recently. It’s been quite busy lately, and we’e gearing up to leave for Soundwave Festival in just a couple days.

And what’s more? Our new album “Reach Beyond The Sun” is officially released in North America tomorrow! Please help us spread the word, and make this album make some waves!

All our love and respect to everyone. Yes, even YOU!

Skeptically optimistic,

Shai Hulud “

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