Shock Jock Alan Jones Calls Lockout Laws “Ridiculous”, Slams Mike Baird

2GB shock-jock Alan Jones has once again criticised Sydney’s lockout laws, calling them “ridiculous laws” and a “mindless overreaction” while also slamming New South Wales Premier Mike Baird and his “stark raving mad” State Government.

This morning, while interviewing Freelancer CEO Matt Barrie (whose essay damning the lockouts caught a wave of support earlier this month), Jones blasted the NSW Government, called for a ban on alcohol advertising and said that “nothing in the legislation would have stopped” the death of coward punch victim Thomas Kelly in 2012.

“We now learn that the NSW Premier may have shifted his stance on lockout laws. He’s at last conceded there are at least two sides to the debate [around these] ridiculous laws. Mike Baird is citing CBD violence is down and pretending this is the great panacea,” Jones said.

“I’m telling you this because the stark raving mad [NSW] Government thinks that the lockout laws have solved the problem of alcohol fuelled violence.

“It’s a mindless over-reaction. Businesses have gone broke and the city has been shut down and this is precisely what’s going to happen in Queensland with politicians distorting reality.”

Jones also pointed out that the reaction to Sydney’s lockout laws has “gone global”. “Already Sydney’s reputation was in tatters, but now people are just absolutely shocked about how ridiculous it is down here,” he said.

Jones also questioned why the State Government would allow Kings Cross to host an injecting room for drug users while also limiting the times people can purchase alcohol.

“You can shoot up heroin in Kings Cross but you can’t buy a bottle of chardonnay after 10pm,” he said.

“You and I can’t be trusted to buy a bottle of wine on the way home for the theatre because were likely to belt someone but we can fill our veins with an illegal substance and walk the streets like a zombie capable of God knows what.”

Jones’ comments come after Mr Baird was put on the spot by Tyson Koh from Keep Sydney Open on Nova FM earlier this week.

Jones also criticised Sydney’s lockout laws in September 2015, saying, “They’ve sucked the life out of the city.” Hear today’s full interview between Jones and Matt Barrie, below.

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