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‘The Simpsons’ Hip Hop Episode To Feature Snoop Dogg, RZA & Common

Snoop Dogg, Common and RZA are set to join the ever-growing list of musicians and celebrities to feature on the world’s longest-running cartoon series, The Simpsons.

Earlier this year we got wind of an hour-long hip hop special of the show titled ‘The Great Phatsby’, to be narrated by Homer and with a storyline revolving around Mr Burns’ ill-fated relationship with hip hop mogul Jay G.

Entertainment Weekly has now confirmed that Snoop, Common and RZA will star as themselves in the episode, which will serve as a hip hop referencing version of The Great Gatsby. They’ll star alongside the likes of actress-singer Taraji P. Henson and Key & Peele’s Keegan-Michael Key.

Producer Dan Greaney told Entertainment Weekly the goal with the episode is to secure musicians who represented “different moods and different aspects of the history of hip hop”.

“We wanted the Mt. Rushmore of rap, and we got it,” Greaney said.

“It’s a tale of greed, excess, betrayal, revenge and ruthlessness,” said executive producer Matt Selman. “And there’s a hilarious goose in it. The goose is really funny.”

The episode will air in January, and will also contain some original music created by Jim Beanz, who has worked on hip hop drama Empire. ‘The Great Phatsby’ will also be the first ever hour-long episode of the show in its 25-year history.

Check out what Snoop, RZA and Common will look like in the show, below.

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