Singularity 2013 Is NOT A New Festival

We were the ones to raise your hopes on this one, so it only makes sense that we should be the ones to dash them. You may remember late last weekend, Music Feeds reported on a potential new alternative festival to take place this year, but after digging a little deeper, we’ve got some potentially alarming news. As upsetting as this news may be (and, really, how upset can you be about a website and ticker?) we can now tell you that Singularity 2013 will not – repeat not – be a new festival.

When several high-ranking Australian bands post one phrase, “Singularity 2013”, and a link to a countdown, it could really mean many things. Given the current industry climate, we went with festival, or perhaps compilation album. It appears neither are correct.

The announcement is set to come in just a matter of days and is sure to still be some totally wicked cool news, but it will not be the lineup to a festival. Deep down though, given the overwhelmingly positive response to the idea of a UNFD-themed festival to take place, we’re hoping that the record label sees the potential and actually does it. Please?

So what is Singularity? A band? An album? UNFD’s new black hole science project? Let us know what you think. In the meantime, sit tight and hang on for any breaking news.

Anyways, just so we’re clear – Singularity 2013, not a festival. Soz guys.

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