Sleigh Bells Will Tour Australia Twice, Splendour 2012 Appearance?

In a recent interview with triple j’s Tom & Alex, Sleigh Bells producer Derek Miller has said that their new album, Reign Of Terror will see the two piece visiting Australia, not once, but twice.

“We absolutely are [touring],” he said, before adding, “we’re coming over there twice at least on this record. So you guys will be seeing us; we’re coming,” also saying his already booked in touring plans.

Now usually we’d just let this slide under the radar, but the fact that he’s mention he’s coming out here twice, has booked in plans of which there is no evidence, suggest to us that they’ve been booked on a festival, logic pointing toward Splendour. A bit of a leap I know, but look at all the other acts that have come out here twice close together, more often than not it’s for an exclusive Splendour performance followed by a summer tour, it’s elementary.

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