Slipknot’s Clown Is Launching ‘Clown Cannabis’, His Own Line Of Weed

Slipknot drummer, Clown (real name Shawn Crahan) is gearing up to announce Clown Cannabis tomorrow. He’s launched all the socials for the new product and a website.

The website reveals a few key deets around the launch. Users land on a page asking for age confirmation, before being given the option to sign up for product announcements.

The page reads, “Clown Cannabis – Coming May 17th”. It also features the Clown logo which is very cool.

The new line will likely only be available in select states (those where weed is legal) across the US.

Clown joins the list of musicians who’ve launched their own cannabis lines, including Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, and Post Malone.

In Slipknot-related news, Aunty Donna’s Mark Bonanno recently gave the most wholesome spiel about his love for the band.

Peep the Clown Cannabis website here.

Listen to ‘Snuff’ below. (It was the best pun we could come up with.)

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