Image: triple j/Youtube

Sly Withers Share Stunning Punk Rock Take On Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist’ For Like A Version

Sly Withers have knocked over their first-ever Like A Version on triple j and they’ve done a bang up job. They’ve absolutely smashed a cover Coldplay’s legendary track ‘The Scientist’.

The Perth band keeps all the emotion and desperation of the original track while putting their own punk rock spin into the sound.

It has a beautiful progression. It builds in emotion as the vocals grow in intensity and the instrumentals are kicked up notch by notch.

“It’s almost deceptively simple in its construction. It’s just a really great pop song,” says Sam Blitvich in their Behind the Like A Version interview.

“We thought back to the process of writing ‘Clarkson’ and the sort of mindset we were in for that,” says Jono Blitvich.

“And the mission statement when we started it was to do pop punk Coldplay, so it sort of fit pretty well.”

While they were there, Sly Withers shared an original. The band delivered an emphatic performance of the previously-mentioned ‘Clarkson’.

‘Clarkson’ is taken from their forthcoming album Gardens, which is due on Friday, 11th June — just one week away!

Listen to the stellar Like A Version below. Catch their original performance and the Behind the Like A Version interview below.

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