Photo: Olivia Bee

Smashing Pumpkins Are “Halfway” Through Working On Next Album

Smashing Pumpkins‘ guitarist Jeff Schroeder has revealed that the band are “halfway through working on another big album.”

Not only that, but according to Schroeder, it’s going to be another massive record, clocking in at 33 songs.  The band seem to be continuing their hot streak of putting out longer releases, with their last record CYR, released last year, clocking in at 20 tracks in length.

He revealed the news in conversation with Audio Ink Radio, saying “We’re about halfway through working on another big album, which is, basically, I guess, a sequel to Mellon Collie (And The Infinite Sadness) and Machina, so it’s the third in a trilogy – more of a concept-based album. And this one is 33 songs.”

Schroeder said that the band have been working on the record for a year now, “but we’re in the middle of real tracking and stuff right now.

“James [Iha] and I are working out here in LA. Drums are basically done, so Jimmy’s [Chamberlin] done his part. But Billy [Corgan] is working in Chicago, and I’m out here in LA, and James is in LA, so we’re plowing through it. That’ll probably take most of the rest of the year, ’cause it’s a big, sprawling thing.”

No word just yet on any more details, but as the record is cited to be a sequel to Mellon Collie (And The Infinite Sadness) and Machina, it’s sounding like it’s going to be juicy.

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