Snoop…’Whatever He Is Now’ Nominated For Country Music Award, Writes Tribute To Munchies

It’s not every day that a born-again Rastafarian hip hop icon gets nominated for a Country Music Award fresh from cutting his first electro mixtape, but I guess it’s Snoop we’re talking about here. This is the same Snoop who has recently decided he loves HotPockets so much, he’s going to write them a song.

Following the success of his debut with fellow stoner/musician Willie Nelson, the pair are in the running to win the Musical Event of the Year award at the ceremony, set to air November 1. The tune, Roll Me Up, would have to be one of the best-received songs about smoking to date, bringing the pair (who also worked with Kris Kristofferson and Jamey Johnson) to the attention of the Country Music Awards board, or the like.

Until then, Snoop will be back to the studio recording a long-awaited tribute to HotPockets. The munchies snack is apparently Snoop’s favourite with a source telling BANG Showbiz (Via The Daily Telegraph) that the rapper is “obsessed with HotPockets and makes sure he has a stash of them at all times. He is a huge fan and he decided to write this ode to them, which is similar to his hit Drop It Like It’s Hot.”

The track will be called Pocket Like It’s Hot, which I think is pure genius and met the approval of HotPockets themselves, who will be setting up a stall at the 2012 MTV Music Awards where the celebs can stop by for a cheeky snack, or a mini Mp3 player to hear the tune.

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