So-Called “Patriots” Are Really Pissed At This Sydney Pub’s ‘Fuck Pauline Hanson’ Event

Sydney’s Lord Gladstone Hotel has pissed off a bunch of so-called Aussie “patriots” with their upcoming ‘Fuck Pauline Hanson Day’, but the event looks set to go ahead this Sunday, 17th July.

Since announcing its ‘Fuck Pauline Hanson Day’ event earlier this month, the Lord Gladstone has seen a lot of support for the day, with over 1,100 people having clicked ‘Going’ on the day’s Facebook event page at the time of writing.

On the other hand, some punters — well, True Patriotic Australians™ and One Nation supporters — have hit up the pub’s Facebook page with some negative comments and some less-than-nice one star reviews. Here are just a few the venue has copped so far:

lord gladtone negative review 6

lord gladtone negative review 5

lord gladtone negative review 4

lord gladtone negative review 3

lord gladtone negative review 2

lord gladtone negative review 1

People have been leaving a bunch of positive reviews to balance out the unfairly negative ones, though, which is A+ team work. Here’s one of our favourites:

lord gladtone positive review 1

A spokesperson from The Lord Gladstone tells Music Feeds that the venue “isn’t being blasé about some aggressive responses” it has received to its ‘Fuck Pauline Hanson Day’ event.

“As per usual, we will have security and have liaised with local authorities. But this has and always be a peacefully focused event,” the spokesperson says. “I mean, it’s a pub after all.”

The Lord Gladstone’s ‘Fuck Pauline Hanson Day’ will feature DJ sets, CSP’s (that’s Chippo Snack Packs), $10 Bloody Paulines and other Pauline-themed drinks. Check out it’s official Facebook event page, here.

“This Sunday we invite anyone and everyone to come down to the pub and share some laughs in an all inclusive, friendly environment,” the Lord Gladstone says.

“Whether you wanna talk politics or just be in the presence of like minded people who openly can’t stand the ridiculousness that is Pauline Hanson and her agenda.”

If there ever was an occasion for Pauline Pantsdown to possibly return with new material, this would be it.

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