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Solange Defends Aussie Activist Following ‘Q&A’ Controversy

Turns out Solange is a Q&A fan. Or, at least, she happened to see one particularly batshit crazy episode of the ABC panel show this week, which saw Tassie senator Jacqui Lambie sensationally declare that supporters of Sharia law should be booted from Australia.

ICYMI: The controversial ep bore witness to a heated exchange between Lambie and author/engineer/activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied, who challenged Lambie’s views by asking her: “Do you know what Sharia law is?”

The whole thing struck a huge chord with the Aussie public, drawing fiery criticism from both sides of the fence.

For instance, a number of Muslim Australians have started a petition calling from an apology from the ABC, which they say breached its values of “respect” and “integrity” by broadcasting Lambie’s “racist”, “Islamophobic” and “crude” arguments.

Apparently the QANDA episode was so potent that it even managed to transcend oceans to resonate with Beyoncé’s sister Solange, who’s piped up out of the blue to weigh in on the controversy via Twitter.

“Yassmin Abdel Magied…. You made my morning,” the singer and vocal human rights advocate posted today.

In response, Yassmin Abdel-Magied replied to Solange, saying:

Abdel-Magied has of course become the target of plenty of backlash from conservatives, with noted feminist champion and former PM Tony Abbott critiquing her views in an op-ed for The Australian:

Well, out of Solange and old m8 Tone, we know who we’d rather have in our corner.

Re-watch the controversial segment of QANDA, below.

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