Sonic Youth Look Towards New Album

Thurston Moore is currently on tour promoting his new solo album Demolished Thoughts, yet it seems the guitarist’s mind is already turning towards the next Sonic Youth album.

According to The Quietus, Sonic Youth are yet to write anything for a new LP although the band will look to remedy that fact later in the year.

Backstage at a show in London, Moore said, “We’ll just gather and see what happens. We made the decision to have a good solid year of not doing too much as a band. We really decided to put the brakes on the juggernaut that was the band.”

He added that the halt in Sonic Youth activity was to allow fans, and the band members themselves, to rediscover a sense of mystery around the music.

He said, “It’s like they know what we’re about, like there isn’t a question mark hanging over the audience any more. Like they’ve figured it out and they appreciate it. That’s totally fine and those gigs are totally fine but they’re also a bit business as usual and that kind of turns me off a little bit. So I wanted to back away from that for a while and do other work.”

Any new album will be the follow-up to their 2009 effort, The Eternal.


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