Soundwave 2014 Act Bows Out In Favour Of Fighting Fake Crime

Soundwave’s AJ Maddah has elaborated further on plans to include a “hip hop act” on the festival’s 2014 lineup, explaining that their first choice, the Ice T-fronted Body Count ended up falling through on account of Ice T’s acting commitments with the long-running TV series Law & Order SVU.

The iconic rapper will once again be reprising his role as Detective – and voice of the streets – Odafin ‘Fin’ Tutuola, much like he has done every year since 2000. It seems Fin has been moonlighting with his current project Body Count, as the band will be releasing their fifth studio album Manslaughter within the coming months. Maddah admits that the band weren’t “strictly hip hop” – Body Count being a metal act and all – but Ice T’s extended filming schedule burst the bubble anyway.

This narrows the options for the hip hop act to be included on the Soundwave bill, if there is to be one at all now. We can rule out Wu Tang Clan on account of the stress levels, despite the members explaining their new found work ethic. Public Enemy might still remain on the table.

It looks like last years Drummergeddon could be this years TVpocalypse, with two acts so far failing to make the cut on account of filming schedules – though Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden is ‘hustling’ to resolve his issue.

Listen: Body Count – Body Count

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