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Soundwave 2015 Set Times Here Friday

Written by James Arnold-Garvey on January 6, 2015

UPDATE: Final Soundwave Festival set times have been unveiled — check them out here!

For those anxious about how their Soundwave experience will be affected by clashes, the time for complaints is nigh. Promoter AJ Maddah has indicated we could see timetables for Soundwave 2015 as soon as this Friday.

In response to a Twitter follower asking “time tables coming out soon?“, Maddah last night said to expect timetables on Friday. He had indicated on Sunday that they would only be draft timetables and would be “subject to change”. Time will tell.

Maddah has previously delivered draft set times early, via his overactive Twitter account, in order to help fans plan their day. Finalised official timetables were then delivered at a later date.

We already know a little about what to expect on any form of Soundwave timetable. Bands have been broken down into four tiers: headliners will have 90-100 min sets, “top bands” get 70 mins, “middle bands” get 60 mins, then “small/new bands” will have 40 mins. Although not an official headliner, Judas Priest are confirmed to play a headliner-length set.

The news comes after the festival’s complete day lineups were released, splitting some 24 bands between individual days on the festival’s new two-day format. The promoter had previously said that timetables would be coming some time around Christmas or New Year, pending approval from bands.

Fans are also expecting the addition of another “brand-new supergroup” to the 2015 lineup, though it is not known when this will be announced.

Final Soundwave 2015 Timetables

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Soundwave 2015 Maps

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