Soundwave Festival 2014 Lineup Continues To Leak

UPDATE: The official Soundwave 2014 lineup has finally dropped – all the details here!!!

With slightly less than 24-hours to go until the official Soundwave 2014 line up announcement two more bands are strongly hinting at their involvement with the festival.

UPDATE: Our Final Countdown list is here! Check out our final lineup predictions plus all the latest info!

UK melodic hardcore troupe Your Demise have put their hand up to inform Aussie fans that they will be in town for a “final visit” soon, taking to Facebook share that the big announcement would coming this Friday, the same day as the official Soundwave 2014 announcement.

Earlier this year, Your Demise announced they would be officially breaking up, with news followed by talk of farewell shows, though many of them were cancelled. The split has been described as totally amicable, meaning there won’t be any undue tension between the band mates come early 2014.

This was soon followed by a not-too-subtle hint from Californian post hardcore band Finch, who reached out to their Aussie fans with a cheeky, “Well hello Oz! What’s up?” before commenting on our weather: “We heard our winter is your summer… That sounds wonderful… Its kinda cold in Temecula in February.” Sure sounds like Soundwave to us.

These two are the latest in the list of Soundwave bands who couldn’t keep a lid on it. So far Newsted, The Bennies and The Porkers have all been locked in.

UPDATE: The first Soundwave 2014 lineup announcement is here!

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Soundwave 2014 – first lineup announcement:

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