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Stayc Releases Debut Album ‘Metamorphic’

The KPop sensation Stayc finally released their debut full-length album titled “Metamorphic” on Monday, 1st July after sharing a lot of teasers on their social media for a month. 

“Metamorphic” marks the group’s first release after a whole 11 months. Their last release was a mini album called TEENFRESH which they released last August. 

Stayc – ‘Metamorphic’

“Metamorphic” has been produced by Black Eyed Pilseung (B.E.P.), meaning STAYC changes after four years since its debut. The album features 14 tracks that highlight the group’s confident and distinctive style. Apart from the songs done by all the members of the group, the album also features unit songs, namely, “Find” by Sieun, Seeun, and J; “Fakin'” by Sumin and Yoon; ISA’s solo song, “Roses”; and the fan song, “Stay WITH me” written by all members. 

The title track, “Cheeky Icy Thang, is a fantastic song with a hot attitude; it gives one the confidence to walk on the runway of a sizzling summer street. It reflects the diversified attractions of STAYC—cool yet cheeky. 

Through STAYC’s active participation in this songwriting, their growth in artistic stature is further verified. On the strength of recent hits such as “Teddy Bear” and “Bubble,” STAYC wrapped up their first world tour in March with dates across the globe that included North American stops in New York and Los Angeles.

Tracklist: “Metamorphic”

1. Twenty

2. Cheeky Icy Thang *Title track

3. 1 Thing

4. Give It 2 Me

5. Find (Sieun & Seeun & J)

6. Let Me Know

7. Nada

8. Fakin’ (Sumin & Yoon)

9. Roses (ISA)

10. Beauty Bomb

11. Gummy Bear

12. Stay WITH me

13. Flexing On My Ex

14. Trouble Maker

You can stream the new album ‘Metamorphic’ here

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