Stevie Nicks On John McVie: ‘He’s Gonna Be Fine’

Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks has updated fans on the condition of bass player John McVie, who was diagnosed with cancer back in October, forcing the band to cancel their Australian and New Zealand tour. Speaking with Us Weekly, Nicks said her bandmate is “gonna be fine.”

As Rolling Stone reports, when asked by Us Weekly of McVie’s condition, Nicks was optimistic, saying, “He’s good. He’s got his treatment, and now he did a show on the 30th and 31st, another tomorrow night, then he has surgery next week…I’m not the least bit worried about John.”

“He’s very, very strong and a man of very few words. He’s not a person to mess with,” she added. Nicks previously made somewhat mystical statements about McVie’s condition, assuring fans that her longtime bandmate would be fine. She told the US’ ABC News Radio in December:

“If I ever had any psychic knowledge about me in this body, I am telling you that John McVie is gonna be just fine. He’s gonna have a little operation. He’ll probably take a couple weeks to recover, and then sky’s the limit!”

Fleetwood Mac were forced to cancel a total of 14 tour dates due to McVie’s cancer treatment, with the bassist recently joining the band onstage for their New Year’s shows in Las Vegas, during which Nicks now famously dedicated the Fleetwood Mac classic Landslide to John Mayer and Katy Perry.

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