Stevie Wonder, Seth Rogen And James Franco Wish Jimmy Fallon A Happy Birthday

When most of us turn 40, we gather around our friends and family to exchange gifts and well wishes, we do a little reflecting on the past four decades. When Jimmy Fallon turns 40, he celebrates by having Seth Rogen and James Franco pop out of a cake naked followed by Stevie Wonder singing Happy Birthday.

After revealing that his pals on the Tonight Show crew had banded together to organise a special birthday gift for him in the form of a surprise guest, Fallon drew back a curtain where a giant cake was waiting. Emerging out of the pastry like a butterfly from a cocoon was a naked and jubilant Seth Rogen.

After Franco, donning a policeman’s hat and bow tie and bearing handcuffs, joined him, Rogen introduced the real surprise, the Superstition hit-maker. After his appearance, Wonder sat down with the host to discuss his upcoming tour and later performed Sir Duke, Fallon’s favourite Wonder song.

Watch: Jimmy Fallon’s 40th Birthday Surprise

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