Stoney Roads Release ‘Volume One’ Australian Electronic Music Compilation

Prolific bloggers and now purveyors of fine dance music Stoney Roads are today dropping Volume One, the first installment in a new quarterly series of compilation tapes designed to showcase the very best new Australian talent in electronic music.

Volume One features eight Australian producers over seven tracks, acquainting dance music fans with rad stuff from L D R U, Yahtzel, Moonbase Commander, Wave Racer, Blaze Tripp and Klue, Cosmo’s Midnight and Hugo Fredrick. The compilation, made with help from Red Bull, is designed to take Aussie dance music to the international stage, with all the featured up-and-comers handpicked by the Stoney Roads team, set to show off the sweet EDM culture of this little isolated nation of ours.

There’s a strong focus on making this dynamic mix of heavy beats and dynamic bass freely available to the world, so you can go and get your hot little hands on Volume One by heading over to Stoney Roads and downloading yourself a copy.

Stoney Roads Volume One Artwork

Stoney Roads Volume One Tracklisting

1. L D R U – Tropics

2. Yahtzel – Bleached

3. Moonbase Commander – Tom Nook

4. Wave Racer – Stoopid

5. Blaze Tripp & Klue – Light It Up

6. Cosmo’s Midnight – The Dofflin

7. Hugo Frederick – Formalhaut Fold

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