Stream Fall Out Boy’s Brand-New Single ‘Centuries’

After a few tense days of waiting, Illinois pop-punk outfit Fall Out Boy have finally gifted fans with Centuries, the first single to be taken from their forthcoming and still untitled sixth studio album. The song has been shared with an accompanying video (below) which was captured mostly using the recently released iOS app Hyperlapse.

Interesting, Fall Out Boy were inspired by the hook from Suzanne Vega‘s famous 1987 song Tom’s Diner, and have recreated Vega’s vocal hook in various sections of Centuries with their label-mate, singer Lolo.

The band told fans via their official Facebook page that the touring atmosphere called them to start writing an anthemic track which soon became Centuries. “We never had a plan to jump right back into it after [the] whirlwind year we’ve had… but sometimes the song calls you,” the band said.

“We started writing Centuries while we were on tour because we felt the calling. Traveling the world for the last year we have seen and been a part of the landscape and fabric of music – from tiny sweaty clubs in Australia to insanely huge festivals in the UK. It felt impossible not to react to it, to be inspired and to want to scream back.”

Lined with dramatic piano, snarled guitar riffs, rock-ready percussion and typically piercing vocals from frontman Patrick Stump, Centuries is “at its most distilled, the story of David & Goliath”, says the band.

“It is us passing along the story of how we feel right before we step on stage, trading feeling small and human for all the sweat and grit and sheer power of belief it takes to stare down a giant. Sometimes wrongs are righted. Sometimes if you scream loud enough the world will listen. Sometimes the quintessential loser wins. Sometimes the giant falls.”

The official music video for Centuries is “coming soon” according to the band. Fall Out Boy’s next studio album, the follow-up to 2013’s Save Rock And Roll, does not currently have a title or a release date, although the band have said that the album is “coming soon”.

Centuries is available now, via iTunes.

Watch: Fall Out Boy – Centuries (Hyperlapse Edition)

Photos: Fall Out Boy, British India – Entertainment Centre, Sydney 25/10/2013

Photos by Ashley Mar

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