Swedish duo, jj, return with euphoric new album, no. 3

Ever-mysterious Swedish duo, jj, will release their brand new full-length, ‘no. 3’, this 12th March on Secretly Canadian (Antony & The Johnsons, Yeasayer) through Inertia. As ethereal as Fever Ray and as delectably chilled as Air France, jj’s ‘n° 3’ is one of the most haunting and euphoric pieces of music you will experience this year.

Becoming a viral sensation in 2009 when their mesmeric, Lil’ Wayne-referencing anthem, “Ecstasy”, was picked up by blogs the world over; jj became immediately infamous for their anonymity. With no official websites or press shots, the group’s only avatar was the blood-splattered marijuana leaf which adorned the cover of their debut album, ‘no. 2’ (their first single was “no. 1”). Released through the Tough Alliance’s Sincerely Yours imprint, the album boasted tropical heat, hazy club beats, and was an immediate critical smash – leading to a U.S tour with The XX set to begin this March.

If ‘no. 2’ was the quintessential summer album of 2009, new album ‘no. 3’ is destined to be the quintessential winter album of 2010: a soft, red smear of blood on a field of fresh snow. Still boasting their unique swagger, this time jj create R&B and balearic dub from the ghosts of lost lovers; pop as delicate as a fawn’s nose across blades of frosted grass.

It is the soundtrack for friends packed into the town square’s tiniest tavern, their moontanned, apple-cheeked faces glowing, their dilated pupils filled with all the meaning and meaninglessness of a magic 8-ball. Their music is carefree without carelessness, and self-aware without being self-conscious. With it, they build an ice bridge arching from Gothenburg to the rest of the world.

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