Sydney Gets A ‘Footloose’ Themed Angry Dance Party To Protest The Lockout Laws

In a case of life imitating art, some legends online have organised a mass flash mob style Footloose inspired ‘angry dance’ against the lockout laws. Take that John Lithgow, I mean Mike Baird.

“Once upon a time there was a small town called Sydney, where the residents enjoyed listening to their Rock and Roll music and dancing to their hearts content,” reads the Facebook event description.

“But some of the people were reckless and violent (and generally just dickheads) and they hurt some people, and sadly some were even killed!

“The small town’s council became afraid and decided to “protect” its people by banning dancing and rock and roll music, hoping to create a nanny state where no one could enjoy themselves or go about their lives without intervention (unless its at the casino).

“BUT THEN ALONG CAME KEVIN BACON!!!…. and he danced… and it was good!

“Now it’s Sydney’s turn!” it concludes.


The dance is intended to show the State Government and Premier Baird that the lockout laws are hurting the city, that dancing is not a crime and that the laws do not address the core issue of violence in Australian culture.

“We’re not here for violence! we’re here to DANCE! like Kevin Bacon… or the other ones… I haven’t really seen the whole film… BUT YOU GET THE POINT!”

They’re taking it all pretty seriously though, asking attendees to ‘dress appropriately’ in “acid wash jeans, white t-shirts (sleeves rolled up at the bicep) or singlets, oldschool headphones, 80’s fashions, unicorn onseies… or whatever, it’s the thought that counts.”

Planning to meet in Martin Place at 5:30pm on Monday 22nd February, the mod will passionately dance their way up Martin Place toward the “evil town council building” to the super ’80s track Never, by Moving Pictures (the song from the original angry dance scene fyi).

You can find out more here at the Facebook event page, but in the meantime why don’t you build some steam by watching the original angry dance scene from the 1984 original (the less said about the 2011 remake the better).

Footloose – Warehouse Dance Scene

Footloose Angry Dance Against The Ban On Dancing And Rock Music (Sydney Lockout Laws)

Footloose Flash Mob Protest

Monday 22nd February

Martin Place, Sydney

Tickets: Free

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