Sydney Woman Found Dead At Dragon Dreaming Festival

A 23-year-old Sydney woman was found dead at the Dragon Dreaming Festival on the weekend, reports SMH.

The women, who has been named Anneke Vo, was found dead on Sunday morning at 5.30am. According to police, on-site medical staff performed CPR but were unable to revive her.

The cause of death is currently unknown.

SMH reports that Ms Vo’s sister posted to the Festival’s Facebook, saying:

“My sis Anneke Fidelity Vo said goodbye to my dad when he dropped her off sydney central bus station on thursday to attend this festival & she never cam home !!! A tragic loss to our family that we wish will never happen upon anyone else! Just hoping more strictly monitor of drug abuse and more looking out for each other festival goers”

Worried family members have been posting on the Dragon Dreaming Facebook page asking about loved ones. The admin of the page has replied to some comments, saying “The family involved has been notified”.

There was a police presence both inside and outside the festival.

Superintendent Zoran Dzevlan has stated he did not want the festival to go ahead.

“It is tragic that a young life has been lost and that a family is mourning the life of their daughter. I didn’t want this event to happen in the first place,” Superintendent Dzevlan said.

“We put our objections forward to council and as a result of these drug detections, and the tragic death of a young lady, we will again be putting our recommendations forward for this event not to take place in our community,” he said.

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