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Sydney’s Carriageworks Has Set Its Reopening Date

Good news for Sydney’s arts and culture community, we have a reopening date for Carriageworks. It follows the venue being saved earlier this month after it went into voluntary administration back in May.

The venue received a multi-million dollar bailout from a number of philanthropists. The Packer family, Michael Gonski, Kerr Neilson, Geoff Ainsworth and Johanna Featherstone all entered into a rescue deal with the Carriageworks board, its creditors, and the NSW government, according to Sydney Morning Herald.

The venue has now announced it’ll be opening its doors on Friday, 7th August. We’ll be getting two free art exhibitions: NIRIN and Giselle Stanborough’s Cinopticon.

NIRIN comes as part of the 22nd Beinale of Sydney and the venue says it, “reflects on extinction, death, life, change and healing.”

While Giselle Stanborough’s Cinopticon was initially slated for a March opening.

Naturally, Carriageworks will be enforcing social distancing rules along with strict capacities for the exhibitions, while increasing hygiene measures.

The venue is reducing its opening hours as well and will operate between Wednesday and Sunday, 10am to 5pm.

The Carriageworks Farmer’s Market will open Saturday, 8th August.

The Farmer’s Market says, “We will continue to operate as a shop-and-go service with strict safety measures in place for the wellbeing of our visitors, stallholders and staff.”

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