Tame Impala Join The Flaming Lips, Miley To Cover ‘Sgt Peppers’ Album?

Following yesterday’s news that Miley Cyrus has teamed up with Flaming Lips and MGMT‘s Andrew VanWyngarden to record a Beatles cover, Flips member Steven Drozd has now revealed that they’ll be remaking the entire Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album.

Cyrus and VanWyngarden’s Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds is just one track from the project, with Drozd revealing that the cover album will hopefully also feature Perth’s own Tame Impala, Californian indie rockers Foxygen and electronic duo Phantogram, according to Rock Sucker:

“I’ve been doing stuff with Foxygen, they’re my favourite band at the moment. We’re trying to get them to do a ‘Sgt. Pepper’ track, I think we’re talking to MGMT, trying to get a bunch of different bands. We’ve done a couple of these things but I think Wayne is trying to make this one a little more high-profile, more stuff going on, more things connected.”

He continued on to say that the project isn’t a sure thing yet. “It’s still in the very early stages though, so I can’t say too much about it… Tame Impala – they would definitely be on the list… I’m sure Wayne will try to get Phantogram to do a track for the Beatles record.”

Yesterday Flips frontman Coyne posted photos of Cyrus in the studio recording her contribution, as well as a lovely shot of her rolling a joint (on Bangerz rolling paper, none the less).

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