Taylor Swift Takes Subtle Swipe At Kanye During Album Of The Year Acceptance Speech

America’s sweetheart and super-talented alien being from the future Taylor Swift has taken home Album Of The Year (over Kendrick Lamar, amongst others) at this year’s Grammy Awards, becoming the first woman to win the Grammy Award for album of the year, twice.

Upon accepting her award, Swift addressed the young women watching in particular, urging them not to pay any mind to those who seek to drag them down. To many the remark read like a subtle response to Kanye West‘s diss that he “made that bitch famous,” referencing Swift on his song Facts off his recent album The Life of Pablo.

“There are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame,” she said. “But if you just focus on the work and you don’t let those people sidetrack you, someday when you get where you’re going, you’ll look around and know that it was you.”

Swift’s comments come after Kanye tweeted earlier this week that he wouldn’t be attending the awards unless he was promised Album Of The Year. And while I’m sure there was no shortage of reasons why Swift won for 1989 (massive sales, single handedly causing Apple Music to alter its business model, sound tracking the pre-party rituals of countless people), the chance for the Grammys to throw a dig back at Kanye surely didn’t hurt her chances I’m sure.

Anyway check out the video of the speech here below and head here for all the highlights, winners, hits and misses of The 2016 Grammy Awards.


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