The Black Keys New Video, Strangest Clip Ever?

I’m not 100% sure what I just witnessed, but that’s what you expect after watching any piece of film by Harmony Korine, the twisted genius behind controversial and crazy films such as Kids and the mastermind behind the latest viral offering from The Black Keys for their new single Gold On The Ceiling off their latest album El Camino. The clip is titled ‘A Film By Harmony Korine’.

Initially, the low-fi footage, uninspiring scenery and weird GIF movements make you feel like you’re watching the home video of a serial killer, though the general consensus is that the band does think outside the square with their video clips (see Tighten Up, now that’s a cool clip). You then start to see the fun side in it, and you will surely laugh more than once.

The clip shows bandmates Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach as babies being carried around by larger clones of themselves. Thankfully, it’s not as full-on as Korine’s previous projects, which include the deranged Trash Humpers, not to mention a new project involving actor James Franco rapping.

Examine the clip below for yourself; watch the creepiest fun you’ll ever see:

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