The Britney Spears & Backstreet Boys Collab ‘Matches’ Is Here!!

Britney Spears’ deluxe edition of Glory has arrived. As promised, it’s come with ‘Matches’ a collab between the Queen of Pop and 90s heroes, Backstreet Boys.

‘Matches’ goes so hard, it’s a pop banger and a half. The beat, the Backstreet contribution, Britney’s vocals — it’s everything.

The collab comes after an image of Britney’s Glory re-release circulated online revealing a track with Backstreet Boys.

Fans reckon the waters may be being tested for a new Britney release.

However Britney Spears has said she won’t be performing again until her father is removed from her conservatorship. The comment came after she attempted to have the court remove him for a second time and lost again.

Another previously unreleased Britney track, ‘Swimming In The Stars’ was released last week too.

While Britney has still been active on Instagram, she hasn’t posted about either release.

Listen to the new Britney Spears and Backstreet collab below.

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