The Cure sell out both Sydney Opera House shows in record time

Both performances of Reflections by The Cure as part of Vivid Festival have sold out in less than 5 mins today.

Seeing The Cure play in a venue like the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall would be a wet dream for most cure fans, add to that the band have planned to play their first three albums Three Imaginary Boys, Seventeen Seconds, Faith in their entirety it makes for an unmissable show. The singles from this classic era of The Cure include Killing an Arab, Boys Don’t Cry, Jumping Someone Else’s Train, A Forest, Seventeen Seconds and Primary.

It has been speculated that tickets were sold out or nearly sold out in the pre sale round last night, so when general ticket sales were released this morning both events were sold out in a matter of minutes.

The show is exclusive to the Vivid Festival which is unfortunate for Cure fans who missed out on tickets.

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