The OG Wiggles Catalogue Is Now On Streaming Platforms So Let’s All Go Back To Better Times

If early adulthood and 2019 have simultaneously knocked you down, we’ve got an excellent pick me up. You can now get down to ‘Hot Potato’ whenever you want. The Wiggles have reissued their ‘classic’ era catalogue on digital music platforms, so there’s a little more joy in the world today.

That’s right. You can now access The Wiggles albums like: Wiggle Time!, Toot Toot!, It’s Time to Wake Up Jeff!, and Here Comes the Big Red Car. Classic tracks including ‘Hot Potato’, ‘Rock-a-Bye Your Bear’, and ‘Fruit Salad’ are now all available to you on demand.

Murray, Jeff, Greg and Anthony are stoked to be sharing their musical catalogue with a new generation.

Jeff says, “It’s so special to be able to take this nostalgic journey back in time, revisiting all those classic albums. We’ve got so many wonderful memories performing these songs to families all around the world.”

Now to just convince them to do another run of 18+ pub shows.

Red Wiggle, Murray Cook has had a busy few years living out his rock dream. He’s joined DZ Deathrays on stage at Splendour, starred in a DZ film clip, and played Newtown Festival with his new band, Soul Movers.

The Wiggles were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame back in 2011. Stream all the classic Wiggles hits, right here.

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