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Watch The Original Wiggles’ 18+ Melbourne Gig In Full

The Wiggles played their second 18+ concert of 2016 on Friday night, 9th September, and the footage from the sold-out show is amazing.

Following a raucous show at Dee Why RSL in Sydney earlier this year, the original lineup headed to The Croxton Bandroom in Melbourne to help raise funds for Soldier On Australia, and knocked it out of the park.

Sure it might take them a little while longer to recover after shows these days (perhaps with the exception of Anthony Field, who continues to feature as the Blue Wiggle in the current Wiggles lineup), but they once again blew away a crowd full of adults, most of whom would’ve experienced The Wiggles for the first time as kids.

Earlier this year, Field revealed in an interview with Music Feeds that the original lineup were greeted with such great vibes at their Sydney show that a second show in Melbourne was never in doubt.

He went on to reveal that there will be another Sydney show in the future, but that the timeframe is yet to be determined given former yellow Wiggle Greg Page’s health. Page was the first original member to retire from the group, in 2006, due to health reasons.

“The last time we played in Sydney Greg took months to recover, and he’s still a bit fragile. We were going to do this Melbourne show and then do another Sydney one the week after, but he just can’t do it, so we don’t know when the next Sydney one is going to be but we might need to space them out a bit,” Field said.

The original Wiggles’ 18+ Melbourne show featured Irish dancers, bagpipes and cameos by some of your favourite characters, including Dorothy The Dinosaur and Captain Feathersword, as well as Wags The Dog and Henry The Octopus.

Watch an (almost) full video of the show below, alongside some happy snaps.

UPDATE 15/09/16: The full video of the original Wiggles’ 18+ Melbourne show has been removed from YouTube. It has been replaced with some shorter clips, below.

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