The Online Evolution Of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’

Who cares if they’re not real, they feel great. Ever since we got wind of the impending release of Daft Punk‘s new album Random Access Memories and its first single Get Lucky, we’ve been inundated with rip-offs, hoaxes, loop edits and flat-out fakes.

Some eager fans have put in a lot of effort to simulate what might be the final product once Daft Punk finally do release Get Lucky and we’ve compiled a list of the best amateur versions, from the first rip-off of a simple loop from a 15-second SNL ad through the various takes on Get Lucky as Daft Punk slowly revealed more of their new track.

From piecing together old music videos to adding their own guest vocalists, the following fakes are as fun as they are clever and should suffice until the legit original surfaces. Remember, these aren’t fake, just surgically-enhanced snippets.


Our very first taste of Get Lucky by Daft Punk came at the beginning of March in a commercial break during Saturday Night Live. At the time we had no track name or album title, only a 15-second promise of things to come.

1 Hour SNL Ad Loop – (be thankful we didn’t give you the 10 hour version)

The SNL ad was only 15 seconds but it was just long enough for those with the know-how to make lengthy loops of the catchy riff.

SNL Ad loop remix and music video

Not content to simply observe the sparkly Daft Punk logo or the split image of the two robot’s helmets, this savvy fan pieced together footage from Daft Punk’s 2005 single Robot Rock and the French duo’s 2006 film Electroma.

Official Get Lucky Music Video Preview at Coachella

The recurring rumours that Daft Punk would appear at Coachella 2013 never panned out but the duo did give audiences a preview of the official music video featuring Pharrell Williams up front and Nile Rodgers wielding an axe

Get Lucky – Coachella Edit

With the new preview came new attempts at constructing amateur versions of Get Lucky. For those with better ears than mine you should be able to pick up the whoosh from the title effect of the first Collaborators video.

The latest and greatest Get Lucky tease

Need we say more?

Get Lucky – The Real Radio Edit?

Amazon lists the radio edit of Get Lucky at 4:08 and although you can’t listen to the track there, this YouTube clip of a version of the song played on Dutch and Canadian radio today certainly fits the bill in terms of length. The lyrics may also have been foreshadowed by Pharrell in an interview. Could this be an unfinished version of the real thing or is this another savvy knock-off? Time will tell…

Surprise! Tomorrow will finally be the day we hear the real version of Daft Punk’s new track Get Lucky!

Los Angeles radio station KROQ is set to premiere the new single tomorrow on Thursday, April 18, 9PM PDT. According to this converter thingy that’s Friday, 19th April 2013 at 2PM AEST, folks! Geeeeeet ready!

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