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The Preatures Call Out “Small Dick” Dude Who Threw A Glass At Their Bassist’s Head

The Preatures have slammed an audience member who attended their Launceston show on Sunday night, after a glass was thrown at the group’s bassist, Thomas Champion.

In a series of posts on their Instagram story (below), the band said Champion was hit in the face by the projectile during the Saloon Bar show, and criticised the audience member for their actions.

“The perpetrator was apprehended (and ejected) quickly and swiftly by the good folk at the Saloon Bar in Launceston,” the band said in a video to fans.

“Small dick energy is not welcome at any Preatures show. If you want to throw things, go to the park.”

In a photo posted to their Instagram story, the band wrote, “To the dude the [sic] threw a glass onstage tonight and hit me in the face, fuck off home with your small dick energy. There’s no place for that at any gig anywhere.”

The incident comes after Shannon Noll unleashed an expletive-laden outburst during a show in Nyngan over the weekend, after a beer can was allegedly thrown at him.

The Preatures’ Launceston show was part of their current Australian tour, which continues in Ballarat on Wednesday night.

Watch the band’s Instagram story posts, below.

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