The Temper Trap Recording At La Casa Studio Byron Bay With Frank Ocean Producer Malay

Currently holed up in the La Casa in-house studios in Byron Bay with Frank Ocean’s Channel ORANGE producer Malay (no biggie), The Temper Trap are chipping away at the block that is their third studio album. Popping their head up for just a moment, the band have featured in a clip documenting their progress so far, and the tough conditions they are currently experiencing.

Back in March the band confirmed they’d be teaming up with the man behind Frank Ocean’s gangbusters major-label debut Channel ORANGE. Having met frontman Dougy Mandagi in LA, Malay was stoked to get on board given he was already a fan of the band.

In a series of talking heads interviews the band reveal how much thought is going into the album. Having deeply analysed the pros and cons of their previous 2 albums, they have a clear path to follow, and now that they are all in the same place and the same time nothing should get in the way.

Now we know that the band are squirreled away in Byron with Malay, what do you reckon the chances are that Mr Ocean himself will make a sneaky appearance at the recording sessions come Splendour time? Music Feeds says “conditions remain uncertain”. But it’s a nice thought, no?

Watch: The Temper Trap La Casa Residency studio update

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