There’s Three More Albums From TISM Coming Your Way In 2021

After a painfully long absence, TISM have returned in recent months through the subsequent release of archival, unreleased or rare material. 2021, apparently, is set to prove no different.

First cab off the rank is This Is Serious Mum – a technically self-titled release as that phrase is what TISM stands for. The album, set for release on Friday, 21st May, will feature recordings done in 1984, originally only for the band to enjoy amongst themselves.

However, some copies were sold at a Melbourne gig and then trickled its way through to booking agent Mark Burchett and indie label owner Gavan Purdy, who would go on to sign them.

Those recordings have found themselves, remastered, onto This Is Serious Mum, which will also be released on opaque yellow vinyl.

The second album, PUNT ROAD, will also be released on Friday, 21st May, but will be available on opaque green vinyl. The songs on this album are taken from rehearsal sessions done for the band’s launch shows for their single, ’40 years – Then Death’, which dropped in 1988.

The third album, MISTAH ELIOT – HE WANKER, will be a special, limited release available exclusively on Record Store Day on Friday, 12th June. Limited to just 750 copies, this third album will consist of just two songs – ‘Mistah Eliot – He Wanker’ and an early, unheard mix of ‘Kill Yourself Now And Avoid The Rush’. This special release will be on 7″ transluscent red vinyl.

These releases are the latest instalment in the band’s staggered re-release of their back-catalogue, and looks like fans will be set for the next few months.

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