This Aussie Rapper’s ‘Simpsons’-Referencing Track Is Cromulent AF

The rise of ‘Simpsons’ Shitposting has seen the classic cartoon series have something of a renaissance in Australia this year, and now Aussie MC Maundz has borrowed a feeling and written his very own rap about The Simpsons.

The tune is called That’s A Padlin’, and it’s so choc full of references from the show that it would probs satisfy Rappin Ronnie Reagan himself. The tune has resonated so well that it was even been spun on triple j earlier this month.

With his DJ Discourse putting out some backing tunage inspired by the Simpsons theme song, Maundz makes reference after reference to the show, that as a product of the ’90s he says he has “a 20-year connection with”.

From steamed hams to Bort license plates, Back To Winnipeg to the dental plan, khlav kalash to putting it in H — this rap will embiggen even the smallest man, and, of course, it’s cromulent as fuck.

Upon uploading the track, Maundz said, “Sometimes you just wanna chill back and watch The Simpsons… Other times you just wanna make a rap song about The Simpsons with your mate in the studio, and today felt like the right day to do it.

“I hope you can vibe with where I’m coming from.”

Simpsons-inspired tunes from Aussie musicians seem to be all the rage at the moment, with Perth musician Dan Cribb releasing a series of punk covers for classic tracks like Baby On Board and Flaming Moe’s.

Check it out That’s A Padlin’ in full, below – and see if you can pick up on the 50 or so references we found littered throughout the track.

Watch: Maundz – ‘That’s A Padlin”

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