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This Is What Guy Sebastian’s Eurovision Song Will Sound Like

Original Australian Idol, Guy Sebastian, is about to become the original Australian Eurovision contestant, and he’s just revealed the song that he’ll be singing on the sequin-spangled stage in a few months’ time. Sebastian’s weapon of choice will be an original R&B tune, entitled, Tonight Again, which he hopes will be powerful enough to win the Eurovision battle for the land Down Under.

“When it came time to decide on a song, I thought since I had a couple of days off in Australia I would try and write something new,” Sebastian told SBS. “But if I was to record a new song I wanted it to be home-grown and organic with my band in my studio.”

Sebastian tweeted on Monday that he’d gotten to bed at 6am after pulling an all-nighter to polish off Tonight Again. And the soul-pop number has come as a curveball for a lot of commentators, who expected the singer to open fire with a big syrupy power ballad.

“Truly, we jumped in the studio and let it happen because I wanted to write something fun!” He continued. “We all have moments you don’t want to end and you wish you could live those moments every day so I wanted to write a song about that feeling. I am sure that is how I am going to feel when I am in Vienna performing.”

The vocal gymnast will be accompanied by an all-Aussie band for his Eurovision debut on May 19th, which will take place in front of one of the biggest audiences that any Australian has ever sung for – an estimated 200 million TV viewers.

“I’m delighted that Guy and his team have delivered such a powerful song for the occasion and I know that Tonight Again will perfectly showcase Guy’s vocal talent and have a real impact in the competition this year,” SBS Managing Director, Michael Ebeid said.

But not all Aussies have been as enthusiastic about Sebastian’s selection as Australia’s first ever entrant. Melbourne Viking metal band Barbariön have been particularly critical of the Idol winner’s appointment to Eurovision status.

“You’re sending a beige-coloured Volvo full of Subway rolls into a world full of high camp theatrics and bonkers mayhem. The bloke’s gonna get destroyed,” they said in an open letter to SBS.

What do you think? Will Sebastian’s Eurovision song entry be strong enough to stop him being “captured and eaten”? Check out the video for Tonight Again, below.

Watch: Guy Sebastian: Tonight Again

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