This Mash-Up Of The ‘Skyfall’ Theme With Queens Of The Stone Age Shouldn’t Work, But It Does

Putting Sam Smith‘s recently released Bond theme to shame, this mash-up of Adele‘s theme song for Skyfall and Queens Of The Stone Age‘s No One Knows is the Bond theme we always wanted but never knew existed.

Expertly mixed by DJ Poulpi, the mash-up blends Josh Homme’s vocals from the driving lead single off 2002’s Songs For The Deaf with the lush orchestration of Adele’s Bond theme. And while like myself you may be thinking – “really another mash-up, what is this 2003?” – trust me when I say this one is amazing. I mean this is Jay-Z vs The Verve good.

Tough yet stylish, and expansively cinematic, the mash-up delivers the kind of atmosphere of dread and intrigue that Smith’s Writing’s On The Wall lacks, preferring a more emotive approach.

One hopes that producers take notice and Josh Homme and the boys are brought in to do the theme for the follow up to Spectre, the forthcoming 24th film in the franchise.

As our mates at Crave Online recently reported, Daniel Craig aims to stay on as Bond as long as he is physically capable, so we may have a couple more shots to see Homme and the Queens take on the Bond theme mantle in the year to come.

Here’s hoping we at least see Queens tour with a symphony orchestra, as more than anything the mash-up has revealed just how baddass Josh Homme sounds singing over a string and horn section.

Check it out here, below.

Listen: Dj Poulpi – No One Knows When The Sky Falls (QOTSA vs Adele)

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