This Toddler In A Circle Pit At Deathfest Is More Metal Than You

A toddler in the US state of Maryland has traded in the sandpit for the mosh pit, leaving the world with some inspiring footage which proves the future of metal is in very good hands.

As Metal Injection reports, footage of the toddler going nuts in a mosh was recently captured at “America’s biggest annual metal party”, Maryland Deathfest, which this year featured bands like Skullshitter, Haemorrhage and Bongzilla — no doubt some of the little dude’s favourite acts.

During sets by thrash metal outfit Atrophy and Finnish extreme metal band Impaled Nazarene, the young boy was seen pitting with the confidence of a seasoned pitter, but with earplugs in for some extra protection.

Footage of the boy in action (below) sees him running laps of the pit and waving his arms like a champ, all while avoiding the adults around him.

Atrophy loved the footage so much that they searched high and low for the boy online, and eventually found his parents so that they could give him a t-shirt and some signed photos. Ain’t that nice?

We salute you, circle pit toddler…

simpsons metal horns gif

Catch footage of Deathfest’s circle pit hero, below.

Watch: Toddler In The Maryland Deathfest Circle Pit

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