Tom Delonge Says He’s Talked With Mark Hoppus & Travis Barker About Rejoining Blink-182

Most Blink-182 fans will agree that while Matt Skiba is an excellent addition to the band, there’s still a gaping hole in the shape of Tom Delonge.

Since Delonge’s departure from the band back in 2015, Blink-182 has released California along with ‘Blame It On My Youth’, the first single off of their upcoming album.

All the while, Tom Delonge has been busy with his project, To The Stars Academy and his band Angels & Airwaves.

The alternative life savant was labelled “disrespectful and ungrateful” by his old band members following the split. But in recent interviews with each member – Mark, Tom and Travis – it seems they’re all cool now.

Now Delonge has gone on 91X San Diego and revealed that he wants to rejoin Blink and more importantly, said Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker are keen too.

Tom talked about how when he first started “working with the government” he couldn’t tell the guys, “So they didn’t know, and that’s one of the reasons that they got so upset I think.

“They were, like, wanting to go and record and I was just like, ‘Not right now. I’m doing something.’ This was when the whole meltdown happened, like ‘Tom quit!’”

He went on to say how him and the Blink guys are still big fans of each other, “There’s creative differences in what I do, and what my brothers in Blink do.

“We like different things, and we like different music, but we’re still good friends and we still support each other.”


He then referenced last week’s news: that he had confirmed he thinks he’ll play with Blink again.

“That’s the whole plan. I talk to Travis all the time, and I talked to Mark just the other day and we’re always discussing what makes sense and when.”

Just a few days ago, Mark Hoppus did a mini Twitter Q&A and a fan asked if they’d consider a Mark, Tom and Travis Show reunion for its 20 year anniversary. Hoppus replied “that’s a fantastic idea”.

Two other fan-suggested ideas that sparked Hoppus’ interest were collabs with Lonely Island and Turnover — ooooof.

Watch Tom Delonge’s interview on 91X San Diego below.

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