Travis Barker Is Making Tunes With “Legend” Andre 3000

Blink-182 beat machine Travis Barker is gearing up to make some new music with Andre 3000.

After broin’ down at Coachella last weekend, Travis uploaded an Insty photo of himself and the OutKast rapper alongside the caption: “Gonna make music very soon with this legend”.

Now, this brings up all sorts of burning questions about the nature of their impending collab. Will it be a new #funkpunk side project? Will one of the fellas be guesting on the others’ solo album?

As NME reports, Andre 3000 (who FYI is also a hectic multi-instrumentalist) is believed to be currently working on a new solo LP, with comedian Chris Rock recently claiming that he and Jack White would both be featuring on it.

Travis has also been known to churn out music as a solo artist, but seeings as how he just announced a brand new album with his flagship band Blink-182 it’s probably unlikely we’ll see him doing any solo shtick for a while.

I guess the only thing we know for sure right now is: we’re excited.

Check out Travis and Andre 3000 chillin at Coachella in #fisheye, below.

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