Trent Reznor, US Festivals Not Happy With Death Grips Split

Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor has responded to the news that Sacramento hip-hop outfit Death Grips have broken up by taking to Twitter. The frontman says he isn’t surprised at the dissolution of Death Grips, who were slated to support NIN’s co-headline tour with Soundgarden.

“Sorry everyone,” Reznor writes. “Why would I have ever thought those dudes could keep it together?” Reznor’s dispatch presumably refers to the notoriously erratic behaviour that marked the controversial trio’s five-year existence, including numerous cancelled tours and appearances.

The band cancelled a string of Australian appearances in 2012, and famously caused a small riot after bailing on their commitments to America’s Lollapalooza tour. It was later revealed the trio never intended on showing up to their scheduled slot, and the no-show was in fact the show.

Taking their cue from the band itself, the organisers of Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest, on whom Death Grips have unexpectedly cancelled twice, have issued their own response to the band’s split by sharing an image of a note scrawled on a napkin, as the band did to announce their break up.

“We are now at our super best and so our relationship with Death Grips is finally over — we have decided to consciously uncouple forever, after being stood up twice at the altar, we had to look deep into our soul and ask if Death Grips really loves us or is capable of loving anyone,” they begin.

“The unfortunate answer is ‘no.’ We are better than that. So we have officially stopped following Death Grips on Twitter out of fear of seeing them at another show or with other fans — it’s just too soon,” they continue. Organisers insist Fun Fun Fun Fest will proceed with a replacement act.

Meanwhile, LA’s FYF Fest say they are “bummed” about the dissolution and subsequent cancellation. There’s been no response yet from Soundgarden or the other events on which Death Grips have now bailed, including Chicago’s Pitchfork Music Festival or Toronto’s TIME Festival.

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