Triple J’s Dylan Alcott Used His ‘Q&A’ Appearance To Basically Drop Every Wu-Tang Reference He Could

Triple J host Dylan Alcott brought da ruckus to QANDA this week.

On a dare from triple J listeners and fellow presenter Brooke Boney, the wheelchair athlete attempted to slip as many sneaky Wu-Tang references into his cameo on the show’s disability special episode as he possibly could.

“Now I took this Q&A serious,” the paralympian & self-confessed rap fiend assures us. “It was a serious thing that I’m really passionate about but I thought, you know what? I want to take the triple j listeners along for the ride with me and try slip in some references. And then we got a call from Andy in Sydney.”

Andy challenged Dylan to pepper his answers with Wu-Tang lyrics, and the JJJ-man rose to the challenge like ~C.R.E.A.M.~

ICYMI: Wu-Tang holds a special place in his heart, after his milestone moment appearing onstage at Meredith Music Festival to rap alongside Ghostface Killah.

Reflecting on his Wu-Tang feat on QANDA, Dylan says: “I was crappin’ myself. I thought, what have I done? Because now I have to do it. Anyway, we get to Q&A and you go in to this green room and everyone’s so nervous. You’re thinking about what you’re going to talk about, what they’re going to ask and you get really nervous. I’m thinking, can I get the Wu-Tang lyrics in?

“Then you get taken out, there’s 300 people in the crowd, maybe a million people watching on TV,” he continues. “I’m pretty shaky and all I was thinking about was trying to get these answers across because I was so passionate about it.”

Despite the questionable cleanliness of his jocks, Dylan managed to sneak in an impressive eight Wu-Tang references in total.

Watch him pull it off in the video below.

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