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Triple One Release New Single ‘Loverose’, Announce Debut Album

Triple One are keeping the huge hype around them going, with the release of their brand new single titled ‘Loverose’.

Not only is ‘Loverose’ the group’s third single of the year, following ‘Handyman’ and ‘Project Revenge’, it’s also the first taste fans are getting of their highly anticipated debut album.

The album, which is due out later this year, follows a string of EPs that have been building up the huge nationwide buzz around the group, with The Libertine in 2017, The Naughty Corner in 2018 and The Libertine 2 last year.

“Loverose is a song about the flawed nature of intimate love,” vocalist Matty Bugatti said of the new track.

“Humans are an imperfect creation and also mortal. This makes love a lot harder, but also a lot more beautiful.”

Listen to ‘Loverose’ below.

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